Friday, April 2, 2010

Player Issue Vs Replica - Wales 0607 Away Shirt

If you wonder what the difference between Player Issue shirt and Replica for KAPPA foootball shirt . Here I am sharing few picture that show differences between Wales 0607 away Player Issue and Replica shirt. Enjoy it..
(For reference: In every picture, Player Issue version always at the top / right side)

Embroidery Kappa Logo and Wales federation badges in both shirt
No difference at all (material and size)

I am not sure either it factory fault or was made for purpose but I found size print more ticker at replica compare at Player issue shirt

Difference fabric lining use at the collar

No cymru 1876 wording at the back of Player issue shirt

Player Issue washing tags

Replica washing tags

Unlike Replica which has a bit dull fabric material, Player issue fabric feel more soft and silky. Player Issue Made In Italy, Replica Made In China.